Austria Says “NO MORE!” To Islamisation

The goal of the mass migration of Muslims into Europe is to change the very culture of Europe. Of that, there can be no doubt. And Europe is changing. Mostly for the worse. New laws banning so-called “hate speech” prevents open discussion about the migrant crisis. It is merely censorship with a new name.

Austria just elected a new government, which will be headed by the youngest Prime Minister ever to serve in that capacity, who has said he will end the immigration of all those coming from Muslim countries who will not assimilate into Austrian culture. That sounds reasonable, yet he has been branded by the Globalists as Far Right, or even as a neo-Nazi, which is how they attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Austria, like Hungary and Poland, is standing up against the EU and the Globalists to preserve European culture and history. Time will tell if they are successful.

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