Our mission is educational in nature. We work hand in hand with all law enforcement agencies whenever possible to be of help during any period of emergency. As military, firefighters, law enforcement members, many Oath Keepers have received specialized training that can be a valuable adjunct to our sworn officers in an emergency.

A part of our mission is to reach out to our neighborhoods and surrounding communities and educate our neighbors in preparedness areas such as food storage, water purification, CPR training, security and other disciplines. If there is a crisis of some kind such as a tornado or extended power outage, we want our communities to be prepared and to survive until normalcy returns.

Oath Keepers does not promote, condone or tolerate violence in any form. We are not a militia or paramilitary group. We intend to simply be a resource and aid to constitutional law enforcement in time of crisis and to train our neighbors so that resources are used wisely.

Any training that we do is purely defensive. We do not promote or tolerate any form of civil disorder. From time to time we will hold firearms training classes for concealed carry permits, hunting, recreational and competition shooting, self-defense or property protection. Every training complies strictly with all local, state and federal laws.